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7 mai 2015

Student guide

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 Key point in your search of housing

  1. The price.
  2. The charges.
  3. Heating and water (warm and cold) : common ? private ? électrical ? gas ? Evaluate the global amount of the charges that will have to be added to your budget. To help you ask for the Diagnostic de Performance Energétique (DPE) which reflect the consuption of the housing in enrgy.
  4. The landlord’s requirement for warranter. 
  5. The size of the housing.
  6. Furnitures included in the flat and their condition.
  7. Check water, electricity, heating, doors and windows. Open cupboards.
  8. electrical plugs, phone, TV, internet connection.
  9. Near by transport means.
  10. Parking.
  11. Liveliness of neighborhood, shops, noise.
  12. Security of the housing.


During visit, stay focused and do not hesitate to ask questions (take notes if you visit several housings).


Necessary documents to obtain an housing

Before visiting, be sure to have following documents :

They will make a solid file to prove your reliability. Landlords wishes to be sure that the rental will be paid.


Photocopy on both side of your ID and the one of your warrant.

Photocopy on both sides of your three last incomes + the one of your warrant.

Photocopy of your last taxes on your incomes+ the one of your warrant.

The last three quittances of your warrant (or landlord receipt).

• A testimony of your employer + the one of your warrant.

• A testimony of the housing you’r living in ( Electrical or phone charge’s bill).

• A banc Id with IBAN.


Your obligations as a leaseholder

  • Pay your rental, charges and bills in due time !
  • Have an insurance for the housing.
  • Have a maintenance contract for the hot water boiler, if exists.
  • Maintain the housing in good shape and :
    • Replace light balls and water joints when necessary
    • Unblock pipes
    • Clean airing
    • Repair everything you damaged
    • Etc…



Financial help for housing

CAF (Caisse d’Allocations Familiales)

There are two types of help from CAF :

L’Aide Personnalisée au Logement (APL) and l’Allocation de Logement à Caractère Social (ALS).

The amount varies giving your ressources and the amount of the rental and the type of housing.

Good to know :

Foreign students

​If you are a foreign student, you can also request for an help. You will have to provide your residence permit, do not wait for the definitiv one to fill up your file. Send it to the CAF, you will send the copy of your definitiv permit when you will receive it.

Administrative formalities

Requests have to be sent to the CAF on which depend your housing. To know more and to estimate the amount of the help, go to www.caf.fr

Be vigilant : if your wish to continue receiving the help during the summer, you must tell the CAF that you’r staying in the housing during summer, or the help might stop on the firt of july.



Free advance of the warranty (500€ maximum), in mean of loan with 0% rat that you will pay back monthly.

Reimbursment means :
Starts 3 month after the beginning.
Monthly amount of 20€ minimum.
Have to be fully paid 3 month maximum after meaving the housing.



To get this help, you must be minimum 30 and :


Getting in your housing


  • The contract is mendatory, it gives the rules, the duration and the conditions of the housing, and the conditions of leaving it. It must be dated and signed by both sides.
  • Housing insurance is mandatory.
  • If the landlord promisses to make some work in the housing, ask for it to be written.
  • Furnished 
    • One year minimum, renewable.
    • During signing, you willl have to pay a warranty equivalent of two month of rental maximum.
  • Not furnished
    • Three month minimum.
    • During signingyou willl have to pay a warranty equivalent of one month of rental maximum.
  • Roommate 2 possibilities :
    • One unique contract one payment.
    • A contract for each leaser and a payment by leaser.


Incoming inventory of fixtures

  • the incoming inventory of fixtures is a document signed by both sides, describing the state of the housing when you get in. You have to keep a sample.
  • It must be precise, note everything, sparks, holes, dirt... note the number of keys, note the electric and water numbers.
  • If you find hidden problem after, you must send a register mail.
  • It will be compared to the outcoming inventory when you leave, every difference will be charged.



  • If the cost of electricity, gas, water ... would not be included in your rent, you will need to open the meters in your name. Think ahead and note indexes and ask for the name of the previous tenant before starting the process.
    Electricity, gas : EDF / GDF. Sales :
    This subscription will cover your electricity and possibly your heating (gas or electric) and your water heating (gas or electric).

  • Water :

(Le Havre, Harfleur…)
19 Rue Georges Braque
76085 Le Havre Cedex
Tél : 09 69 32 15 15

(Ste Adresse, Montivilliers…)
Tél : 0 800 351 011





 The notice of departure allows you to leave your home at any time. Nevertheless, it is important to follow some rules :

You must give your discharge by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt at least one month before the date of your departure if you occupy furnished accommodation and 3 months if it is unfurnished. This notice of termination takes effect on receipt of your letter.
Allow your landlord to visit your home for its relocation at least a few hours a week.
You must pay your rent and expenses until the end of your notice, you physically leave the property or not.



Before you hand over the keys, you must do your state of fixtures.
It must be established as accurately as the state of fixtures and must be made in 2 copies, and be dated and signed by both parties.
If the inventory states that work is to be performed at your expense, the amount of this work will be deducted from your security deposit. Be careful of writing the state of fixtures. He should see that the state of the elements mentioned in the state of fixtures. Please note also that the owner did not charge you the work under normal wear.
As you arrive, take up consumer index on the counters

Getting back your warranty

The deposit must be returned to you within 2 months from the date of handing over the keys.
If you are liable to the owner (repairs, rent, lease expenses, ...), these amounts will be deducted from your security deposit and your landlord must provide you with receipts


Contact the EDF-GDF agencies CODAH, France Telecom, Internet ... to terminate your subscription and provide meter reading.

Also let your insurer of your move. You can either transfer your contract on a new apartment, or stop it.

Contact as soon as possible your new address to the Family Allowance, Social Security, the Treasury, your bank, your school, your insurance, etc ... Eventually, subscribe to a mail monitoring contract with the Post Office.



 Mairie : 02 35 19 45 45
Université : 02 32 74 40 00
Sciences Po : 02 32 92 10 04
ENSM : 02 35 54 78 00
EM Normandie : 02 32 92 59 99
IFEN : 02 35 42 10 30
INSA : 02 32 95 97 00
CLOUS : 02 35 19 74 74

Le réseau de transport en commun LIA : Tél : 02 35 22 35 00. www.bus-oceane.com

CAF : 222 Bd. De Strasbourg 76600 Le Havre. Tél : 0 810 25 76 80

ADIL (information juridique sur les locations)

 : 100 Bd. Clémenceau 76600 Le Havre. Tél :

 - Point d’Accueil Départementaux.

 : Maison de Justice et du Droit, 8 rue Emile Sicré. Tél : 02 35 45 32 62

 Commission Départementale de Conciliation de Seine-Maritime : Direction Départementale des Territoires et de la Mer.

72 rue de Lessart 76100 Rouen.

Tél. 02 32 18 10 31


Ce guide est exclusivement destiné à un public étudiant.



41 Rue Casimir Delavigne 76600 Le Havre

06 86 40 22 94 - www.ahloet.fr